Dehumidified Storage

Dehumidified Storage Units maintain the humidity in the air inside the storage unit at safe levels regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Dehumudified storage reduces likelihood of mold and mildew growth, metal rust, paper rot, etc.

Ideal for storing valuable documents, furniture, electronics, etc.

Humidity control system is superior to portable de-humidifiers or packaged moisture control products.

  • Clean and Dry
  • Heavy Duty Doors
  • Fully Insulated Walls, Roof, & Floor
  • Double Sealed Aluminum Doors
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Finished Interior
  • 100% Humidity Controlled

Why Dehumidified Storage?


  • Long Term Protection for Customer’s Valuables
  • Stops Mold & Mildew = Customer Satisfaction
  • Greatly Reduces Corrosion and Rust
  • Quality Humidity Control
  • Humidity controlled storage is the result of careful research on the best way to protect valuables over time.
  • Okinawa Family Storage Humidity Control Systems circulate dry and dehumidified air throughout our humidity-controlled units 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

Insulated/Clean Interior


Our storage units are fully insulated with clean interiors to provide your household goods with the best storage on Okinawa.

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